A sample of applications I've taken a meaningful part in creating.

2009 - present


Gift card rating website which helps consumers identify consumer friendly gift cards. Featured in Forbes, Smart Money and Real Simple Magazine.

Tech Specs

Ruby, Rails, Solr/Sunspot, Bootstrap

2013 - present


Mintsmith allows anyone to start accepting gift cards. Users can create an e-gift card program in minutes. Designed for small businesses without a point of sale.

Tech Specs

Ruby, Rails, Stripe Connect, Twilio, Rspec

November 2012 - January 2014

@LVRUG Application

Built during Hack Nights of the Las Vegas Ruby Group, this application was created to help manage and incentivize members who give presentation to the group.

Members can submit a topic they would like to see covered at an upcoming meetup, vote which ideas are best and volunteer to give a presentation.

A points system (gamification) was included to track and reward those who contribute most.

Tech Specs

Ruby, Rails, Heroku, Rspec, Bootstrap

Lvrug app screen shot

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Project maintained, but I am longer involved.

October 2012

My Best Drink

Placed 9th out of 500 in the 2012 Rails Rumble.

Built during a 48 hour hack-a-thon with 3 others and select as a winner of the 2012 Rails Rumble, My Best Drink allows users the ability to share drink recipes and vote on which ones they like best. My primary role on this project was on the back end development.

One interesting aspect of this application is the notion of guest accounts. First time visitors are able to perform any action before registering for an account.

Tech Specs

Ruby, Rails, Devise, Sunspot, Bootstrap, Carrierwave, MiniMagick

My best drink screen shot

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Hack-a-thon project. Never maintained.

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